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Husky Havoc Saturday, December 1st

11/26/2018, 12:15pm CST
By Coach Williams

When: December 1st

Where:  OHS Gymnasium


  • 4:30-5:45   

    • Grade 4-8 OBA Scrimmages (15 minutes each)

  • 5;45-6:25

    • 9th Grade & B-squad grade scrimmages (20 minutes each)

  • 6:25-7:45

    • Skills Competition Final (4th-Varsity)

    • 3 Point Contest Final (7th-Varsity)

    • Varsity Introduction & Inter Squad Scrimmage


  • $5 for adults/$3 for students/kids

  • Free for any player involved in OBA/Kids First and the High School Program  


Intersquad Scrimmage on Main Floor:

  • 4:30-4:45 4th Grade

  • 4:45-5:00 5th Grade

  • 5-5:15    6th Grade

  • 5:15-5:30 7th Grade

  • 5:30-5:45 8th Grade

  • 5:45-6:05 9th Grade

  • 6:05-6:25 B-squad Grade


Final Events Order:

  • 6:25-6:45 Skills Competition

    • Top score from each grade participates

  • 6:45-7:20  3 Point Competition

    • Top two scores from each grade: (7th, 8th, 9th, B-squad, & Varsity)

    • Preliminary rounds held at OBA practices

  • 7:20-7:25  2018-2019 Varsity Team Introduction

Final Events Order (con’t):

  • 7:25-7:45 Varsity Intersquad Scrimmage

    • 2 - 10 Minute halves



Will be available for purchase the night of the event.  Please consider eating at OHS and supporting our boys basketball program☺!!!



Skills Competition Rules:

  • Open to any age (boys or girls)…all players invited.  

  • Competition will start at 4:30pm and will end at approximately 6:30pm.

    • A player may get in line at any time starting at 4:45 or after.

  • Unlimited entries at $1 per attempt.  After a players turn is up he/she must go to the back of the line to attempt another try.

  • Exact course and skills required will be explained the night of the event.

  • Kids will be broken down by grade level in order to get a champion from each grade in order to compete in the final round later in the evening.


OBA Scrimmages:

  • All OBA players are invited to play during their respective time.

  • Whoever shows up to play for their grade will be placed on one of two teams once at the event (they will NOT be kept on their OBA team).  Coaches will do their best to separate the teams evenly.

  • Please wear your OBA uniform!

  • We would like to see the OBA coaches in attendance to coach and run their teams.  If not, someone on our high school staff will gladly fill in if needed.

  • The clock will start promptly at their designated start time and run for 15 minutes.  The more organized and early the players and coaches are…the more time on the court the kids will have.   Coaches will do their best to ensure all kids get as close to equal playing time on the new floor as they can.

    • I would suggest players should be there a minimum of 15-20 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.

  • PLEASE make sure all players have their basketball shoes to change into.  We do not want their outside shoes worn on the new floor.


  • This will be for grades 7-12 only.

  • The three-point preliminary round will be held by each team at a practice designated by their coach in order to get their top score.

    • Scores will be reported to Coach Williams PRIOR to December 1st.

    • Top TWO scorers from each GRADE will then be contacted to participate in the final round on Husky Havoc Night.  Hence there will be 2 representatives for 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th grade.  Varsity will have 4 representatives for the final round.

  • Preliminary Round Rules:

    • 1 minute timed shooting from one spot (of player’s choice outside the arc).  Player may move to a different spot if he chooses as long as it is outside the arc.

    • Minimum group of 4 players at a basket (three+ rebounders and one shooter).

    • 3 basketballs must be available for each shooter/basket (no more than 3).

    • Will be run during an OBA practice of the coaches’ discretion.  

  • Final Round on December 1st will more than likely have a different set-up but will be consistent with all the shooters.  Top two scores on December 1st will shoot off on opposite baskets in the championship round.



  • Teams will be split into two equal teams.

  • All players will be announced prior to the beginning of the game.

  • Game will immediately start following the completion of the 3 point contest

  • Game will consist of two 15-minute running time halves.


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