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8/30/21 - Hometown Ticketing

For those that don't want to download the FAN APP for Hometown Ticketing, you are welcome to scroll down and purchase the individual game tickets.  Scroll down under "Owatonna Senior High".  Games are published and listed 1-2 weeks prior to the event.


A couple notes to share about Hometown Ticketing.  When you click on the Hometown Ticketing button there are TWO ways to purchase activity passes or tickets:  1. FAN APP and 2. if you scroll down further it says 2021-22 Activity Passes - get passes.  If you purchase multiple tickets from the FAN APP you can share those tickets with the other people you purchased for (spouse or children) but then those tickets/passes disappear off of your FAN APP.  There is currently no APP to APP sharing ability.  Your choices for sharing those tickets/passes are in a text or email as a PDF.  If you purchase the tickets/passes the second way under 2021-22 Activity Passes - get passes, you have multiple ways to share the tickets/passes (email or text) but can still keep them and they don't disappear.   

8/12/21 FAN APP AVAILABLE FOR HOMETOWN TICKETING - Activity Passes will be available starting August 16

Hometown Ticketing now has a FAN APP available to purchase activity passes and game tickets.  The Hometown Fan App is the most convenient way to buy tickets and access school events.  The fan app allows you to:

  • Search for events by school name or school zip code.
  • Purchase and access event tickets and activity passes from your mobile device.
  • All game tickets and activity passes can be scanned directly from the app to enter events.

The FAN APP is available to download on both Android and iOS devices.  Once downloaded, followed instructions to set up your account.